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Hey Hey, 

I'm Domonick. I am a whiskey-drinking, comic book-loving - foodie, who has a passion for photography. 

I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I love the "refined grit" of my city (I compare it to Gotham in the Batman comics). I am a proud husband and father, a sci-fi super nerd, a chef, and I love a good dad joke. 

I believe that photography is more than just taking pretty pictures. I believe it's an experience, an adventure. I believe photography should be the purest version of you. And I'm here to capture that.

I look for the people who want to have fun, listen to great music, and have a great time. I'm not the boring "pose and smile", kind of guy, we are going to dance and laugh, play games and crack jokes. You'll often find me singing off-key to your music that I'm blasting from my speaker.

My goal is to tell your story through my lens. To photograph your purest emotion, your laugh, your smile, your tears. To capture the most authentic version of you.

To turn what makes your love beautiful, into art.

So, are you ready to have some fun??

So, enough about me...


Casey + Julie

“Nick does an awesome job of making his clients feel comfortable and confident! The easy-going atmosphere makes you forget you’re even getting photographed, it just feels like hanging out with a friend.”

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